#Filipinos insulted by constructive criticism, fail to progress

Nobody wants Filipinos to not feel happy when something good happens. What intelligent, reasoning people are criticizing is the xenophobic chest thumping and self-aggrandizing being spewed as if the accident of birth that made you Filipino somehow made you superhuman and extra brave because you managed not to die or that you blamed the officials in a basketball game for not allowing your team to win. (To win at basketball you have to play as a team and learn to PASS the ball!!!)

Filipinos have little to be proud of other than the exploits of 2 or 3 boxers and on occasion, some beauty contestant or singer. By the way, The last several singing contestants have been only HALF Filipino but no thrift is given to the Mexican or other heritage of those individuals. You treat the other heritage as if it is a defect that needs to be overcome. All the beauty contestants from this country seem to be chosen for those traits that make them look the most European and the least Filipino. Damn, the natural Filipino woman should be mostly dark skinned and should not look like a clone of some Scandinavian girl with black hair.

When this country develops its own space vehicle and sends Filipinos into space THEN the person who gets in that device and puts his faith in "Filipino ingenuity and quality craftsmanship will be a TRULY COURAGEOUS PERSON! You are an island nation with some of the largest gold reserves on earth yet the "flagship of your canoe navy is a 70 year old retired US Coast Guard cutter? This blog is called "Get Real Philippines" and while I sometimes think the writer is a bit harsh, he is mostly accurate and the most virulent attacks against him come from those small-minded people who feel CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM is an insult. If you feel insulted by such criticism, you are the problem and you need to look in the mirror to see what is wrong with this backward country.

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