#Philippines is an uncompetitive country because #Filipinos don't appreciate people who can compete!

What has our elected president ever done to compete?? His mom died. That is the why the country voted for him. We deserve to do lousy in international competition because in the eyes of Pinoys Noynoy, The Binays, the Erap family, the Marcos family are all winners. So in truth we are losers.

We can not compete because we don't appreciate people who can. It is about having the right name, the right family and not the right skill. That is the pinoy way and will be the pinoy way for a long time to come. Self entitled. "Oh your mom died, you have my vote".

That attitude may be fine locally but get a country of people who worship the Aquinos and the Estradas all playing basketball and it can't even get significant international wins against other countries whose best athletes play football, baseball and get Olympic medals.

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