#Puso is for losers, #utak is for winners, #atay is for hecklers

The entire concept that basketball is a TEAM sport seems alien to Filipinos. More often than not the first person to touch the ball is the one who shoots the ball regardless of who might have an open shot.

This is an immature country full of uneducated, immature lazy, xenophobic people and if you had any sense at all you would remove every single government official from office and replace them with people with no government experience at all. Get rid of dynasties, get rid of corruption, the pork barrel by any name and get someone to teach you how to build and manage infrastructure.

The Philippines is said to have the second largest gold reserves on earth so why are you abjectly poor as a nation? Why do you all have to cum in your jeans when some HALF Filipino wins a beauty contest or talent show or when some boxer wins a fight? You have ample sun and wind and also the ability to harness the tides for electric production so why do you have constant blackouts, especially in Mindanao, the best farming country in the nation?

You need to get off your collective asses and DO something that you can actually be proud of instead of losing a battle & then 3 straight basketball games in which you blame the refs instead of just accepting your lumps like men.

Develop a car industry, mine some minerals properly, win some gold medals in the Olympics (never will happen in basketball or boxing but there are lots of sports for small people). Wrestling, taekwando, diving, gymnastics, canoeing, sailing, weightlifting, badminton and on and on, yet you always put all your eggs in the boxing basket. No Filipino will ever win an Olympic gold in boxing because anyone any good turns pro.

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