Key to reducing poverty is access to essential physical and intellectual resources

We need to speak about poverty, even if majority of our people accepted our real economic and social situation with open arms, false hopes and closed minds. "We are poor, so what?"

Poverty paralyzes our abilities to dream, to be ambitious, to have the best things in life, to live fully and to enjoy a beautiful life. Our country is so rich with natural resources, but poor in planning in what to do with the things that we have. We export raw materials, but we import the same raw materials as finished products. We are poor in imagination and creativity.

How do we end poverty? Key is access. Access to clean water and electricity. Access to information, innovation, loans to farmers, fisher folks and the many jobless, both urban and rural. Access to more science and math. Access to empowerment of the people by having real jobs, not mere dole outs. Access to quality healthcare.

Filipinos must stop embracing poverty and start accepting progressive thinking. We have to; Think. Demand. Work hard. Think some more. Demand better government services. Work harder. Stop having "poor and victim" mindset and culture.

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