Trusting the #Philippines National Police: no longer an option for most #Filipinos

PNP, Friend or Foe?

Hoodlums in uniform is now an understatement when we talked about law enforcers doing crimes. It is more like a state sponsored terrorists.

Imagine, the state trains, issues weapons and pays these cops to protect and maintain peace and order, but do the opposite. Bad cops do criminal activities. Name it, rob, kidnap, carjack, extort, torture, rape, sell drugs, and murder. And worse, they act as a team. An organized unit aim to harm helpless victims- rich or poor, local or foreigner. Money-hungry policemen inflicting pain in the society.

Are we still safe in our homes, workplaces and streets? How do we know if cops are good or bad?

This is a moral crisis. Would you call a cop for help if another cop robs you? Or worse, the whole police station is involved. Where do we go then?

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  1. How do you police the police? Cops defend each other no matter what.

  2. Even lawyers avoid cases that involve criminal officers. PAO lawyers have the misfortune of having to work with police everyday. And a lot of times, PAO laywers can't afford to be idealistic about the Philippine justice system. The law may not always be there to protect the real victims.

  3. Politicians who steal our tax money. Police who kidnap and kill us. This country is hopeless.


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