Mooching relatives in the #Philippines need to learn independence

My relatives in the Philippines ask for money every once in a while. One time I got fed up with it because we have our own life here in the US.

I work 50 hours a week and go to school full time. I have a niece in Pinas who is going to school but I demanded that she works also. My sister in law who lives here in the US stated that she can't work and go to school at the same time because "its different there". I then told her that it will always be different if you have that type of thinking.

I forced my niece to get a job anyway since I'm cutting her school fund. I'm trying to teach her how to be independent and not rely on anyone for herself.

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  1. I'd call that good parenting. If the oligarchy was the parent, they are doing a good at keeping their "kids" totally dependent for generations to come.

  2. It is really different there. Because of bad traffic, there's hardly time for both studying and working. Also, most employers in the Philippines are not flexible to allow students to hold a job and study. It is different here in the US because at least here we have our own car and traffic is not as bad. Also, most employers are flexible when you're a student. Even with that advantages it is difficult to hold a job and go to school.

  3. Hello, I stumbled upon your blog and glad I did. I am a Filipina who now lives as a legal permanent resident. I agree with both schools of thought posted above. Teaching independence is good parenting. A lot of Filipino kids are so spoonfed these days that's it a challenge to teach them to cultivate a strong work ethic.

    On the flip side, I agree with Malor that it's hard to juggle work and studying at the same time in the Philippines. Traffic pa lang, ubos na ang oras mo. And the Philippine internet service providers are so shoddy and expensive that they don't make it easy for Pinoys to avail of online education.

    I really don't get that mentality that a relative living and working abroad is obligated to support the family members who are left behind.


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