Permanent flooding may be the best long-term solution to Metro #Manila's ills!

Well, I actually think the flood is an improvement. I'd even go so far and say: Manila should be permanently flooded on purpose!

Think of it as a stinkier, uncivilised version of Venice. Traffic problem will be instantly solved.. Squatter problem: solved… it would likely be less noisy, less ugly, more sanitary, and eventually maybe less smelly than Manila has been in the past years. Hopefully millions of people would finally move out of Manila and head back to the provinces, where there is much more space.

Since the current poor excuse of an airport, would be underwater, someone would have to finally come up with some alternative solution for an airport.
For those remaining in Manila.. they would just have to get a boat.
It might actually become a tourist attraction at some point. Residents may even finally decide to build a proper sewage system, as their shit is flowing past their little windows, instead of being pumped into manila bay, as it is today..

For many years I was trying to come up with possible solutions for Manila.. Without much success I may say…
I do not like the nuclear Fallout, which would follow the first idea I had, thus the idea of permanently flooding Manila seems like a more desirable long term solution.


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  1. Car manufacturers here should just pack up and leave OR, they can start selling bancas, speedboats and jetskis! Hahaha!


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