#Philippines demands and gets apology from #Aegis for 'anti' video!

Aegis Ltd, the HQ for Aegis Malaysia issued a clarification and an apology sometime tonight. It came from the Indian management, and that should suffice.

The PHL embassy in Malaysia overreacted when this is not a country-to-country issue. This should be taken as a business issue. (Where is Ben Kritz when you need him?)

To everyone, I stand by qualifying that the investor video "does connote a degree of sourgraping". I think that phrase places an emotional interpretation for some people, which is a mistake on my part because i could've been clearer.

For me, sourgraping is similar to the process of buyer's remorse and like someone pointed out to me today, a kind of cognitive dissonance. A peer was telling me that there is such a thing called the Buyer's Remorse Triangle: effort, responsibility and commitment. Evidently Aegis placed a lot of effort to put up a business in the Philippines, and there is the joint responsibility of the PHL government to ease restrictions so that the business can prosper as well as Aegis' executives responsibility to effectively run the business. Then there is Aegis' commitment to make the business thrive long after the service agreements are signed.

I am amused reading reactions to comments and how some comment threads have moved away from objectively talking about the issue.

Seriously though, i have been around the block too much not to engage too passionately. After some time, the endless diatribes, although valid, becomes noise. It's just debate du jour, folks….. and we're duped into believing that we are engaging in an intellectually healthy discussion. All of us need to improve our discussions, not by raising your voice (or typing tone), NOR by raising your argument… but by raising the quality of the argument. Alas, the gems are few.

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