In defense of Robin Padilla and patriotism in the #Philippines

Robin Padilla is one of the very few Pinoys that has patriotism in their blood. But even the most active, optimistic and intelligent citizen will opt for better places.

Problem with Pinas, is that it condones, tolerates, and duplicates those that make society intolerable (bribes, plunder, theft, blackmail, GGG and chismis to name a few)! We have characteristics that make us capable of making our country strong and resilient.

If we can only get rid of that "Crab Mentality" and "24/7 Survival Mode", we all will be able to see and anticipate future problems and act accordingly, or better yet, act correctly and consciencously!

Easier said than done YES, but, IT CAN BE DONE !!!!!

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  1. I have done it and still on-going, doing the right thing . . . join me its a one step forward and onward is one giant step toward GOD (Faith) and Country (Patrotism), Family (essence of community) in that order of priority to lay ones life.


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