What could #PNoy have done better as President of the #Philippines?

Aquino's cancellation of the flood management projects started by GMA; in order to use the money to bribe the Senate into impeaching Corona, was a huge blunder on his part. Has he done anything right; aside from the stock market going up and the credit rating of the country improving?

He has relocated a lot of squatters into subsidized housing. He has swollen the welfare rolls by increasing the level of Conditional Cash Transfers to the poorest of the poor. He negotiated a cease fire with the MILF. He brokered a new defense treaty with the USA in order to discourage Chinese encroachment. The northern leg of the Skyway is under construction. Several new airports around the country are under construction.

Despite these accomplishments, there is a general feeling that the country is "going to the dogs" Crime is rampant. Inflation keeps rising. Given the intractable nature of these problems that defy easy solutions; could any politician have done better? If so, how?

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  1. Not saying nothing was his fault but the Phils is a plutocracy and the ruling elite wants to keep it that way. Had he tried real reform that challenged the status quo, the elite would have probably ganged up on him to stop him. Such is the tragedy of the Phils.


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