The #Philippines is overflowing in pride but sorely lacking in humility

I think being all emotional when Filipinos are made into the butt of all jokes is a sign of insecurity.

When Justin Bieber made the Manny Pacquiao KO photoshop, we made him persona non grata. Isn't that overreacting? As if Manny is the first fighter to get photoshopped like that. Go to Boxing or UFC forums you'll see countless fighters made fun of and photoshopped in ridiculous manners. Yet, we Filipinos took great slight in such a harmless joke.

Filipinos really can't take a joke. That really shows our insecurity as a nation. Yet, we always joke how smelly Indians are or how horrible the English of Chinese people are etc…

Filipino pride is just a defense mechanism for our shame. Pride doesn't translate to confidence. And, what we truly need is not "Filipino Pride". We need humility. We need humility so we can accept our own faults. We need humility so we will not make dumb excuses on our failures. We need humility so we as a people could stand-up and learn from our mistakes. Pride is holding us down. Filipinos need to be humble.

Pride is not really needed to succeed. Pride doesn't equate to confidence. What pride does is hide our shame. We should be humble instead. I'm an atheist, but I recognize the value of Christian humility.

Down with retarded Pinoy Pride.

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