Tried and tested campaign approach in the #Philippines is to appeal to sympathy vote

Gaining voter's attention & support by appealing to people's love of a sob story (Death or Sickness) is a clear sign of an AMPAW Republic. Instead of showcasing his/her vision, experience, capabilities & qualifications to LEAD (PRESIDENT or in any Public Office).

1. Running for public office after a recent personal or family tragedy- a death is enough to trigger sympathy vote.


a. Ninoy Aquino's Death catapulted his wife Cory to Presidency,

b. Cory Aquino's death catapulted her son Noynoy to Presidency.

c. Jesse Robredo's death catapulted his wife Leni Robredo congressional seat in Camarines Sur,

d. Fernando Poe Jr.'s Death catapulted his adapted daughter Grace Poe to gain most votes for Senator.

a. Either/both Ramon Revilla and/or Joseph Estrada death may catapult either/both Bong Revilla and/or Jinggoy Estrada to Presidency/Vice President.

2. Sympathy publicity such premature campaigning gain from :

a. alleged/accused crime/detention (Jinggoy & Bong)

b. Anybody who is physically ill (True or fabricated/imaginary?). will get sympathy, well wishes, attention/free publicity and people may go out of their way to help you (if Legit, it's understandable) specially if it's terminal as stage-4 cancer.(Miriam)

Politics is the art of deception.

It's more about making the public believe half truths and lies to gain votes. Politicians will stop at nothing for power and wealth,

c. wheelchair/neck brace gimmick is designed to gain sympathy from our people/masses hoping that doing so will lessen anger & hatred. (Arroyo, Corona, Timothy Bradley)

I hate our people's immature way of voting & supporting candidates. My apology if you dislike or misunderstood my comments above.

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  1. That is the result of illiterate voters who are predominantly manipulated into reality show drama. Poor people's emotions can be taken advantage especially in the Philippines where death is greatly tied to religion and culture. It is a shame when ones death in the family is used for one's political gain without the qualifications or intention to make laws but only for their selfish financial and celebrity status. Hopefully this will change by revamping the educational system and the creation of more jobs will happen in the future. Making the people make better choices as their politicians.


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