Goodness and simplicity mocked in the #Philippines in favour of perverse street smarts

Our problems stem more than mere forms of governance or corruption. It goes to our very fabric in culture, society and morals.

For one, people here don't think about the future or the past. Philosophical ideas and intellectualism are shunned in favor of fickle trends. Concepts like democracy and religion are stripped off of deeper meaning and converting it into something we all know you see everyday in the Philippines – use political and religious movements as an excuse to build networks and establish nepotism.

Filipinos also have a knack for praising street smarts (called 'diskarte' in our country) rather than creative intelligence. Not saying there's anything wrong with street smarts but when you fail to see the bigger picture and base your culture and life around it all the time whatever the cost and no matter how destructive it is, then you as a group of people failed. We are also tribalistic and clannish.

We have not gone over that yet as a nation. We see this in our politics today. We screw over the rest of other groups in order to stay at the top of the pecking order. This is why our government is actually ineffective. With our tribalistic and clannish mindset comes partisan politics, intrigues and sabotage in the political and governmental sphere.

Jesus said in Matthew 20:25-28 that if we desire to rule we must serve. And whoever desires to lead must minister among the flock. This is where the western ideas of "public servant" comes from. Unfortunately, as I have said in the reasons above, western ideals are stripped off of deeper meaning and has become a mockery of network building and nepotism among our nation.

This is why I'm planning to leave the Philippines. People with a genuine work ethic, way of life and morality are shunned and ridiculed because you are "honest" and follow goodness as laid out by Christ in the bible while the corrupt, evil men are praised because they are "street smart". If you don't see why many Filipinos are self-hating and self-loathing, then here is why.

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  1. Street smarts (diskarte) leads us nowhere but to the zero sum game that is philippine society. From jeepney drivers making "hanapbuhay" pedestrians jaywalking and crossing the street when the light is green for cars to petty bureaucrats asking for bribes and to politicians getting kickbacks.


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