#Philippines is structurally designed to fail and Rizal may have thought so too!

After 20 years of working as a professional, i decided to partial teaching at college university just for the love of knowledge. I am very disappointed with today's young generation. I have my conclusions: THE FILIPINO psyche is a very wounded and a very crippled psyche.

I am not still so sure if this was due to our history being colonized by Spain. I was a bit disturbed to read somewhere that some colonized people in the past, indeed became progressive today. And so I began to study this aspect carefully from time to time. I also began to decipher what Jose Rizal meant when he said "The Filipino can be great". It seems that statement is loaded with a very deep insight into the true status quo and it's true meaning is still ambivalent. Spain have described us with a word starting with letter "I". And Spain, being advanced and merely subjective on their findings, it is very difficult to counter argue that description.I am afraid to concur, it must be true.

We are not capable of true revolution, and the last one i heard was headed by this guy but then he later cowardly thwarted and i think that gentleman is now a senator. Too bad.

My conclusion, is that the cause of the Filipino corruption is rooted deep in the syntax and structure of the Filipino language itself. The Filipino language must be eliminated and we must adapt to the rigorous syntax of another form of expression, the immediate closest and for practical purposes that would be the English language.

A Language dictates what we can think of, and shapes thoughts. If the language is of inferior structure, it leads to several loop holes in the reasonings of the people. Now, I know Rizal's disposition on this issue. But you must take note, he himself is not completely against this notion, and even I think that he recognizes this possibility. Rizal only said, that whoever can conceived such notion of not loving the Filipino language is a smelly fish. He is not disagreeing. He is only describing, that it takes a very deep thinking to have find out this ultimate solution and such person must have been in lengthy seclusion in the process of such discovery…

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  1. Rather than theorizing about inferior languages or the Spanish heritage, you might as well take into account that Filipinas was invaded and conquered by the Americans, then occupied by Japan and thoroughly destroyed by the Americans on the pretext of liberating them. And last but not least, that many people are killed and salvaged every year for opposing the status quo.

  2. You have an interesting idea. It reminds me of a ted talk by a professor (I forgot her name) who said that if you make it a habit to assume dominant postures, if you're submissive you'll eventually gain a more confident/dominant personality. I agree with you that English is superior to Tagalog in almost every aspect. I would not go as far as suggesting we eliminate Tagalog altogether, but if all Filipinos use English in daily conversations instead of Tagalog, their behavior and how they think and affect each other would indeed change. I'm assuming for the better.


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