Traffic in Metro #Manila can be solved if #Filipinos stop making excuses!

For one, you have to limit the number of buses plying the major roads at any one time. Determine the mos efficient of buses for a specific route. The best way is to have bus schedules along every stop.

Also, provide alternative bus routes, not only along the major thoroughfares but also through other less busy roads.

Re-educate (real lessons) all drivers, public and private. Re-exam (real examinations) afterwards. Those who cannot pass, no driver's license, even if it means loss of livelihood.

Remove the jeepney and tricycles at least on major arteries. For short routes, encourage biking (bike lanes) or just walk – note no motors, that means no underbones. Better general health, too.

Implement more visual presence of traffic policemen, note – real policemen. Implement real speed limits and traffic cameras.

Fine all violators heavily, including jaywalkers, street vendors and others who are contributing to traffic jams.

Sounds simple? If we remove the reasons and justifications why the above cannot be implemented from the picture, then the solutions are really simple.

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  1. Professional drivers who figure in accidents should have their licenses ROVOKED FOR LIFE.


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