Pwede-na-yan mentality & #puso will not uplift quality of #Philippines #basketball

To Gilas fans I respect very much your support and enthusiasm on the win and efforts of Gilas.

But "Pwede na yan attitude" (this will do) is a clear sign of FILIPINO MEDIOCRITY – being happy & contented with a none bearing win instead of winning all 4. It also makes Filipinos stupid/dumb because there is really Nothing to be proud of – win or loose Senegal not Gilas will qualify in the next round of FIBA.

"Pwede na yan! (That will do!) – This kind of thinking makes us content with mediocrity. Whenever we say pwede na yan, we're saying I'm ok with so-so products & services, I'm ok with low quality or mediocre output. We all deserve better than that from ourselves & from others. "

Remember If we expect only the best from ourselves & from others, it will vastly improve the quality of every aspect of our lives.

Gilas clearly could have won all 4 games & enter the next round. It is not the player's Fault but Chot Reyes (coach/leader) END GAME DECISIONS was clearly a big disappointment. This is my reason why I no longer watch PBA since none of the current coaches are as great as Robert Jaworski, Ron Jacob and Baby Dalupan. Specially now that Manny PACQUIAO is now

Unlike Chot Reyes, Ron Jacobs and Jaworski did not get full support (financial/moral) from private & government,, Media exposure and time to prepare our national Team for Basketball.

I have always supported our national team since 1980s when only amateur players (no PBA & NBA) are allowed to Play in FIBA. The financial support was provided only by Danding Conjuanco

1. RON JACOBS & TURO VALENZONA produce Basketball Prodigies (future Players of PBA)
– Samboy Lim
– Allan Caidic
– Hector Calma
– Yves Dignadice
– Jojo Lastimosa
– Ato Agustin
– Pido Jarencio
– Ricky Brown
– Frankie Lim
– Ricky Relosa
– Elmer Reyes

2. JOE LIPA team
– Benjie Paras
– Ronnie Magsanok
– Nelson Asaytono
– Bong Alvarez
– Eric Reyes
– Jun Reyes
– Bobby Jose


All had PBA Professional Player (like NBA are now allowed to play at FIBA) but was given limited time/resources to prepare for the tournament (Months only).

4. CHOT REYES – had full financial & talent support/resources (PBA & MVP Smart) with full media attention and Years of Preparation for FIBA.

Result is a None Bearing WIN and he spoiled our 4 best chances to shine -an upset win against Argentina, Puerto Rico, Croatia and Greece.

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  1. mahusay ka? ikaw na magcoach next time. putangina mo

  2. Wag mo ikompara ang team ngayon sa dati. Malakas ang line up ngayon kaso mas malakas ang kalaban. Dati sino lang ba nagbabasketball. You're no longer in 80's. Think about that coach. :P

  3. Mag suggest ka ng plan mo para malaman ang kakulangan ng team wag kag mang gatong o mag paaway ng tao.

  4. "win or loose Senegal not Gilas will qualify in the next round of FIBA." ---- nyahaha proof read din pag may time... loose???? maluwag? tsk tsk tsk

  5. hey! what about your CRAB MENTALITY? what can you say about that? why dont you just appreciate the sacrifices, efforts and hardwork of the players, coaches, sponsors, etc? we saw them fight til the end, we saw them give their all! what if you shut your mouth support gilas financially or put up your own team to represent the country.. let's see

  6. "Specially now that Manny PACQUIAO is now" --> grabe proof read naman ng konti... dalawang mali sa isang sentence oh! "Especially" dapat hindi "Specially"... tsaka ako yung now that manny is now? haaaayyy! walang credibility nagsulat nitong blog post na to

  7. What a poorly written idiotic article. I see that you are trying to be a well articulated "journalist" but failed miserably because of your biased and asinine reasonings.

    First of all... "loose"? I think you meant "lose"

    Also, have some knowledge about the game and the tournament before sticking in your air head. There were 5 games in which 3 out of the 4 losses could've been a win. Argentina, Greece, Croatia and PR are teams who have been competing at this level for a very long time with consistent success. These teams are some of the powerhouse teams in international basketball. The fact that this is the FIRST time we played in 36 years on this level and the teams aforementioned had to give everything they had just to edge us very narrowly is something to be PROUD OF. Also, Senegal team was trying to win the game to avoid falling into the 4th spot to avoid playing against Spain (#2 in the world just in case you don't understand the implications it).

    You are the definition of a hater. A person who has nothing going on for himself so he has to bring his felloe filipinos down. Crab mentality at its finest.

    Please do us all a favor and banish.

  8. to the writer of this blog post, the good thing is your opinion doesn"t matter, and the opinion of those who matter (MVP, Gilas Players, SBP, PBA players, even Coach Tim Cone) for them Chot is still the best to handle the national team... so in the end, ikaw ay NGANGA

  9. In the eyes of the rest of the world prior to the tournament, Gilas Pilipinas being considered mediocre is already an overestimation. But we hanged around with the big boys, and that shocked them. Sports experts were praising us because of our unique brand of basketball. And here you are (I bet not even mediocre enough to play in pick-up street ball) criticizing Gilas. #walakangpuso

  10. Poorly written article by a person possibly suffering from ADD. Little research was done. Grammatical construction is subpar. What a waste of my 2 minutes.

  11. Sino bang nagsabeng pwede na yan?not the majority of fans, basketball experts and definitely not Gilas. ikaw lang diba? also, with all due respect, did the previous PH team generated the same amt of excitement?i'd like to point out numerous things about ure article but to sum it up eh, bakit di ka pa magpakamatay? lol


    Lahag ng gusto kung sabihin na sabi na nila.

    The fact that our team was able to battle toe-toe with those already are GIANTS and the basketball world. Is for me very impressive.

    Our team was at disadvantage, we are undersized. But what made those team pushed to thier limits before even beating us?

    Was it our size?


    It was because they have that fighting heart, not to give up that easily!

  13. wow mka comment ka wagas, pero matanong lang, anong grades mo sa english subjects mo specifically sa grammar nong ng-aaral kpa..? tama ba to "Specially now that Manny PACQUIAO is now"..? lol anu yan..? at alam mu ba ang meaning ng mediocrity..? binigay nga nla lahat sa mga laban nla at d sumuko hanggang sa huli tpos mediocre pa..? ngbabasa ka po ba..? nireview nyu po ba yung inilagay nyu dito..? ikw nlng kya mag coach sa national team ang galing mu kasing mkasumbat ehH.. gumawa kna lng ng sarili mung team at dun ka mag focus at mpakita mu ang galing mu hindi yung sisi ka ng sisi at putak ng putak...

  14. woah... a lot of point missers here, a lot of people refuse to understand the message and instead chose to criticize the grammar or what not....

    kahit mali ang grammar, totoo pa rin na ang Senegal ang tumuloy at ang Gilas eh umuwi...

    1. Hindi kaya ikaw ang 'point misser'? Haha

  15. Pwede-na-yan mentality & #puso will not uplift quality of #Philippines #basketball-- so what will? Your crab mentality?

  16. your article on this only shows your true personality and attitude.

  17. Pwede na yana None Bearing WIN and He spoiled our 4 best chances to shine -an upset win in 3 games against Croatia, Argentina and Puerto Rico. It was obviously winnable and our player show they are capable not until the very end.

    Due to Chot Reyes (Coach) very poor observation/judgement /technical skills, inexperience and incapable to handle pressure and lacking to inspire/motivate his players to maintain or take care of the lead & ensure the win (a typical incompetent & mediocre leaders we now have in the Philippines).

    So Instead of 19th or 15th rank we could have easily qualified in the Top Ten. Well I guess "pwede n rin yan" hinde ba?

    Why give all the attention (supports & funding) and glory (praises, honor and fame) to GILAS? and why we just ignore or disregard our true champions - Dragon Boat? who gave real sacrifices to bring national pride without any recognition, support and media attention.

  18. You really think it's a non bearing game? Did you think that they maybe fighting for another win to evade meeting Spain in the round of 16? No offense to the dragon boat team, but since you are a knowitall, why not put up your own #dragonboatteamPUSO rally?


  20. Ang gwapo nito ah! Pogi ng picture! Gwapings eh! Tatatlo ang followers. Kaya pala nagsistrip up ng ganito para mapansin at baka sakali dumami followers niya at mabigyan siya ng atensyon. Siguro napaka dami ang nagmamalasakit sayo kaya ganyan pananaw mo sa buhay.

  21. No matter how skillful/talented GILAS Players are, you will find that it is always the asshole(Chot Reyes) that is in charge.


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