Just watching #Jamich on #TFC already elicits feelings of stupid

Normally, people getting butthurt over the most trivial stuff annoys the heck out of me, but this time, people have a REASON to be mad. First off, Jamvhille ASKED for donations from their fans because of his lung cancer and yet, when the fans heard that he's getting an iPhone 6, they got mad. They have a good reason to be. Imagine, me asking people for money, only to spend it on something unimportant. So, Jam can't afford his chemotherapy medications but has NO problem whatsoever with buying a new iPhone 6? It was a slap on the face.

Honestly, if I were in Jam's position, I would REWARD those whoever donated money to me. This shows how Filipinos beg for money and spend it on the most ridiculous stuff. An iPhone is fucking expensive. Why the fuck would he need it for? I'm not a Jamich hater nor a fan, because I don't pay attention to them but get a grip. If I donated money to him and he didn't spend it on his chemotherapy, then I'll be pissed too. People worked hard for their money. It doesn't fall off from a tree.

Sorry for rambling, but Jam posted this at an inappropriate time. He should've been more careful next time. I don't see the appeal of these two. I see Jamich on TFC and their presence alone makes me feel stupid. Is this what the Filipino youth are into nowadays?

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  1. who cares for his cancer now.
    both stupid...
    next time they ask for donations give em a middle finger!

    but then, fans are stupid, they would still donate...and jamich will be owning an iphone 7 again that their fans wont have...

    kids nowadys are fucking stupid!
    just sayin

  2. to jam-- die of cancer you motherfucker...

    and to mich-- live a life of a hooker you cocksucker...

  3. Harhahar! Tangina nyong dalawa manahimik na kayo mga papansin, kulang sa pansin. Inuna pa ang iphone.... tangina talaga! TSK!

  4. Hindi ko alam kung anung dahilan nila para sumikat pero isa lang masasabe ko. #TANGINATHIS!

  5. Mas unahin mo ang pagpagaling, para abutan mo ang iPhone 10. Mama ko nagka 3rd stage ovarian cancer, thanks God survivor na siya for 10 years now. Sa PGH lang kami hindi gaya mo sa St. Lukes. Pero pagkaiba natin, hindi kami namalimos at nung time na yun, college pa ako, luxury ko na makakain ng 3 meals a day.

  6. Wow, I can't believe my comment appeared on this blog. I wasn't even aware that this blog existed. It's an honor to be highlighted here. Do they (Jamich) even have fans? I honestly don't see their appeal at all.


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