Yellowtards like @jnery_newsstand dismiss testimonial of woman kissed by Duterte, insist she is a victim of her PERSONAL choice

Yellowtards prefer their narrative -- to the point of outright dismissing testimony made on record by the erstwhile "aggrieved" party. In this case, the woman kissed on the lips by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte testified on video that it's all good and no harm was done. The Yellowtards, however, will have none of that as Inquirer columnist John Nery expresses in a tweet...

...the power differential made all the difference. The woman’s “consent” is imperfect: it was crowd-coaxed, cajoled, coerced. Her words afterwards were reassurance—to herself, not least.

Perhaps. But we may as well apply that to the way Filipinos are made to decide who to choose to be their leaders and representatives every election day. Just like this instance, consent during elections is exacted of Filipino voters under similar circumstances in the heat of herd mentalities during campaign rallies and overpowering synchronicity amidst the din of slogan chants on the campaign trail.

It can thus be said that Filipino voters are also "crowd-coaxed, cajoled, coerced" to vote for certain people. In that sense, the consent to govern and represent Filipinos enjoyed by elected officials is also "imperfect".

And yet here we are, embracing democracy with glee -- because The Vote is respected. Similarly, Nery and his Yellowtard lot should respect the choices of this woman who is an adult and has earned her right to make her own choices. That right to choice is a fundamental pillar of the feminist cause, last we heard.


  1. Link to the video of the woman's statement. You have an argument but just keep linking to your site to back it up without proof to the womans statement.


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