Mocha Uson crushes Kris Aquino in @GMAnews online poll!

An online poll ran by GMA News where Netizens were asked #TeamKris or #TeamMocha: Which side are you on?  has so far yielded a decisive blow to Queen of All Philippine Media Kris Aquino.

As of this writing, #TeamKris has been crushed by 82.5% of respondents to the poll who voted in favour of Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson.

This result likely comes as a shock to the Philippine Opposition led by the Yellowtards who continue to defer to the likes of Kris Aquino like a member of the royalty they continue to imagine commands the souls of Filipinos today. Unfortunately for them, it seems time has ran out for the Aquino era as Manila Times columnist Antonio Contreras points out...

Kris Aquino is deluding herself that the mythology of the good Aquinos versus the evil Marcoses will last forever. She must be told that her surname also comes with the baggage of a father, mother and brother who have contributed to the current state of our country and would therefore be fair game for anyone to call out, or to hold accountable. While she may have enjoyed the period when they practically sequestered the story line and commanded the nature as well as the direction of how her parents were represented in the stories that we tell and we were told about them, nothing is forever.

Fitting end that the broader Philippine Opposition has yet to recognise and act upon.


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