Nutriasia Group is one of the Philippines' top advertisers which is why Big Media News like that of ABS-CBN won't touch them

Netizens monitoring the workers' strike at a Nutriasia factory have criticised the slow response of the news services of the Philippines' big corporate media networks to the incident. One noted that even when reporters arrived at the scene, they referred the site of the strike using the generic term "a factory" and did not mention the name of its owner.

Not surprising, and this highlights the whole problem with Big Corporate Media. The Nutriasia group, after all, is one of the Philippines' biggest spenders on advertising and is likely to be a major client of at least one of these mainstream media companies...

Nutriasia Group recorded the biggest increase in spending with a 246% hike from P215 million to 679 million. Media giant ABS-CBN also had a notable 206% increase from P356 million in the first quarter of 2013 to P1.10 million this quarter.

The report from where the above excerpt was taken also notes that during the period covered by its analysis, TV accounted for the lion's share (81%) of ad spend.

This is enough to make one skeptical of the objectivity in what mainstream media "reports" on its news channels.


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