Rather than hang on to Duterte's promises, the Opposition should come up with their own and SHOW us how to keep them

Lately, the chatter making waves amongst the "influencers" of the Philippine Opposition are various stocktakes of promises made by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and which ones he has so far kept. That's a nice topic for a lazy discussion, for what politician keeps his promises anyway, right?

The bigger challenge for the Opposition (if going for bigger challenges is their thingy) is to come up with their own vision and demonstrate an ability to keep their eye on that ball once in power. That is what will differentiate them and that is what will separate the men from the boys.

It is easy to watch and take pot shots. It is harder to envision and execute. So far, no major player in Philippine politics in recent history has demonstrated such a rare ability.

Filipino voters for their part are of no help. They are quick to lap up emo images of prayerful bozos spouting lame slogans. But try to explain to them something about the future, and all you'll get is a noisy collective shrug.


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