Leni Robredo as leader of the Philippine Opposition raises many questions but yields ZERO answers

Is Leni Robredo the leader of the Opposition? If so, what is her strategy to get as many politicians in her slate elected to office? What is her election-winning strategy?

As leader of the Opposition (presumably), does she have a planning horizon for her party that extends to 2022? If so, does she have some idea of who the presidential bet for 2022 would be?

If Robredo does not see herself as leader of the Opposition, who would she endorse to lead it?

Does she have an opinion on why the Opposition cannot seem to unite against what is clearly a popular incumbent?

Supposing that Leni Robredo believes that the Opposition lacks unity, how does she propose to rectify that (assuming she steps up to the role of leader of the Opposition)?

How does Robredo envision the Philippines would be like, say, five years from now? And what would she do to get to that envisioned state?

What does she think of the way the Opposition is now distancing itself from the colour Yellow? Does she think this colour is now a liability to the Liberal Party?

Many more questions than answers indeed.


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