What will Kris Aquino's legislative agenda be when she becomes a Philippine senator?

Indeed it is confirmed. Kris Aquino is the last winnable Yellowtard. Senator Bam Aquino said so recently...

“That’s a family decision obviously. Si Kris, if she decides to run, I think she’d win,” he said in an interview on The Chiefs tv show. 
Bam said Kris would be “very welcome” in the Senate. “Honestly, kung itutuloy niya itong paninindigan laban sa ginagawa ng mga administrasyon, I think she’d be very welcome in the Senate,” Bam said.

No question about it. Kris Aquino will win any election. As the late Dolphy said of celebrity politicians, “Madaling tumakbo, e paano kung manalo?

That's the question Kris needs to answer. What will she do as Philippine senator? What will she do if she wins?


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