"Senator" Antonio Trillanes's defensiveness about his Senate absence record raises even more questions!

Not surprisingly, "senator" Antonio Trillanes has reportedly gone epically defensive about his sorry record of attendance in Senate sessions.
“Meron akong official business when I was out so covered ‘yan by a travel authority. So technically, that is not counted as an absence. But, at the end of the day ginagawa ko yung trabaho ko,” he said. 
“Given the opportunity na imbestigahan ‘yung mga kalabisan nitong administrasyon na ito, ginagawa ko. Sa ganitong klaseng administrasyon na baluktot, ‘yun ang importanteng trabaho ng Senado [ma] apparently hindi na namin ginagawa,” Trillanes added.
But is it the job of Philippine "senators" to be undertaking "investigations"? Last we heard, a senator's job is to legislate. The job of "investigation" is one already undertaken by the various law enforcement agencies who are actually responsible for investigating stuff.

For that matter, Trillanes has a track record of doing shady things under the cover of "official business" -- like organising military mutinies, engaging in back channel talks with foreign governments, and breaking and entering among others.

One thing is clear in light of all this. Trillanes should not be doing any "investigating". He should be the one investigated!


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