Archbishop Soc Villegas issues a FAKE definition of "Original Sin"! 😮

I was taught in the excellent Catholic school I was privileged enough to have been educated in that Original Sin is the sin humanity carried as a result of the fall of Adam and Eve at the Garden of Eden after they disobeyed God's commandment not to eat the Forbidden Fruit. Because this sin was an offense against God who is a perfect being, only a perfect gift from man to God could restore man's favour before God's eyes.

This is where Jesus Christ comes into play. Born a man and then sacrificed to the Father, Christ, the Son of God and, by transitivity, himself a perfect being, was that perfect gift man finally delivered to God.

As such, Jesus Christ is therefore celebrated as The Saviour, for it was through him that man and God would once again be in communion. This is why babies are regarded as guilty of Original Sin at birth and could only be absolved of that sin through a "baptism" that places the child within God's graces through the celebration of the death of Christ.

So I don't really know what the hell Archbishop Socrates B. Villegas, a former president of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines, is talking about in a letter to the youth of his archdiocese where he explains "original sin"...

What is original sin? 
Although sin implies guilt for which one is responsible, original sin is not like that. 
Pope Benedict XVI explained it this way. Human beings were born with a drop of poisonous thinking of "not trusting God". Human beings look at God as a "rival" who curtails our freedom. Human beings harbor a "suspicion against God". Human beings think that we can be fully human if God is cast aside. Human beings trust deceit rather than truth. Because of this tendency, human beings sink to emptiness and death. That is what original sin is. Jesus came to lift us out of that emptiness and death.

It's a lot of words that seemingly ends up explaining nothing thanks to Villegas's epic failure to sugarcoat the truth about what Original Sin actually is.

My teacher in grade school seems to have explained it a lot better than this "archbishop", a former CBCP honcho, no less. Even my explanation of Original Sin here makes far more sense than Villegas's drivel.

What a guy. The CBCP not only issues fake news, it issues fake information about its own dogma!


  1. I was taught also in a good Catholic school. The lessons on original sin were the same as what Benign0 was taught. Villegas spoke gibberish.

  2. Very correct po and very precise as i understand it from different readings and homilys i encountered.

  3. He tries to connect it to politicians we follow like Duterte who they say is evil and decietful rather than them who are gods minions! This Fucking Bishops still think that we don't know the truth that they are more evil and deceiful, RAPIST and PHEDOs!!!

  4. It shouldnt matter what a bishop or a teacher spouts regarding this. These "truths" and teachings were designed by powerhungry men in order to rule the masses in a time they wondered where the sun went at night.


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