Why the phrase "unpopular opinion" trended on Twitter

The phrase "unpopular opinion" recently trended on Twitter over the last few days. That's indicative of the fact that there's a lot that need to be said, many of them HARD TRUTHS, that pseudo-"liberals" who infest social media quashed simply because they were regarded as unfit for what they consider to be appropriate for "polite" conversation.

Judging from how many of the unpopular opinions gained traction and spawned vigorous threads on Twitter, it is evident that many Netizens harbour such opinions but feared jeopardising their social connections by going out on a limb to air these on their own initiative. Instead, they would rather Retweet or Like other people who go out on a limb to express them as a safer alternative.

A lack of balance in the discourse dominating social media is now evident. Despite this 21sr Century platform being touted as the key to democratising national debate, it has instead further amplified the character of a deeply-divided society thanks to the judgmental oversight of the same morality police.


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