According to the latest Facebook "feminist" movement, the Philippines is being taken over by a culture of sexual violence

This is an excerpt from a supposedly "well-discussed, properly threshed out" statement by "Enough", the latest social justice warrior page on Facebook...
Duterte’s people say this is his “realness,” his “pagiging totoong tao” shining through. But all that tells us is that Duterte’s real self is a chauvinist misogynist pig, who looks down on women, who does not see us as equals, who does not respect us as human beings. This is the President of the Philippines, categorically and unequivocally taking a stand against all women as he normalizes a culture of gender abuse and sexual violence. This is Duterte making the lives of all women less safe by the day, as men are made to believe they can have their way with us, in whatever context. The repercussions of Duterte’s actions, left unchecked and unchanged, will resonate for generations.

Read the rest of the "statement" here.

Thing is, where exactly is the evidence that "a culture of gender abuse and sexual violence" is descending upon Philippine society? For that matter, what exactly does "gender abuse" even mean?

The way these people describe the situation, it is as if a foreign occupational force is currently garrisoned in the Philippines and raping her women. That's just being a bit too shrill.


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