Kris Aquino should run for office! And WIN!

Yes, Kris Aquino should seek public office. If she runs in a future election she will likely win. That's because she is popular. In a democracy, after all, popularity wins. It's rule of the majority, and majority of Filipinos love Kris Aquino.

Would the Yellowtard "influencers" who worship her father, "national hero" Ninoy Aquino support Kris's candidacy? That's an interesting question to mull over. At the moment, there is an on-going circus involving a war of words and social media posts between Kris Aquino and Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson. It's a good show - because both are entertainers. The mob is entertained and the media is raking it in. The Yellowtards are, of course, on Kris's side and swear by the righteousness of every word she spews.

As such, the ultimate test of what actually defines a Yellowtard will come if (or, more likely, when) Kris Aquino runs for office. She will be yet another product of the Yellowtard mob and it would be interesting to see how the Yellowtards will come to terms with their own inconsistency as a movement -- one that is defined by cults of personality and not real sound ideas.

Kris Aquino should run for office and win. When she wins, she will be further proof that Filipinos' leaders mirror their character as a people. That's because the Philippines is a "democracy". And in a democracy, what is popular ultimately wins.


  1. Even yellowtards don't like Kris Aquino, it's a test indeed


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