COMELEC spokesman @jabjimenez himself DRILLED Filipino voters to FULLY SHADE the ballot circles back in 2016!

No less than the COMELEC spokesman James Jimenez himself found that he could not emphasise enough that the ballot circles be fully shaded. He ran what was tantamount to a full information campaign to drill this into Filipino voters back in 2016 as is evident in this tweet...

It seems that then candidate for the vice presidency Leni Robredo did not get that memo.

Even more specific was an instruction also issued by Mr Jimenez not to undershade in this tweet going way back to 2013...

Screencap courtesy @zenszeiwa

It is in this context that it is easy to see just how idiotic a case Robredo and her camp is pushing to the Presidential Electoral Tribunal (PET). Clearly, there is something not right about considering a 25% shaded ballot circle a valid vote...

What else could it be? There's just no getting around the idea that the camp of Leni Robredo want something that support possible fraudulent activity that results in a seemingly rushed manner with which ballots of interest to them were filled.


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