How exactly does standing in the rain make Leni Robredo a "great" leader?

From the way Yellowtards are gushing over images of "vice president" Leni Robredo standing in salute under the pouring rain in today's "Independence Day" rights at the Rizal Monument at the Luneta, you'd think Robredo was a great conqueror or saviour of the "oppressed" of some sort. But as far as measurable achievement goes, one would be hard-pressed to hang any real medals on the presumptive "vice president" of the Philippines.

What exactly has Robredo achieved?

Crickets chirping...

This is classic "basang sisiw" appeal at work. In this case literally.

The thing with standing in the rain in salute is that anyone can do it. Back in the day, hundreds of thousands of Filipino students taking Citizens' Military Training at one time or another did it. Perhaps it could be because this is a generation of Filipino youth who have never experienced doing military drills under the rain on a Saturday morning.

To be a truly remarkable person, one should have achieved something most ordinary people can't. Like rock stars, brilliant scientists, virtuoso artists, and bestselling authors among others. And, yes, like eloquent statesmen. Robredo is none of these. She stood in the rain in salute. That's nice. But any schmoe can do that.

If this represents Filipinos' standards of greatness, then the Philippines really does have big problems. Seriously.


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