Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte kisses OFW on the lips! Rappler issues MISLEADING report...

According to the Rappler "report" onlookers reacted with "cheers and disgust"...

President Rodrigo Duterte ended his meeting with the Filipino community in South Korea by kissing an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) on the lips – a move that drew cheers from the audience but disgust from some netizens.

There you go. The "disgust" was from "some netizens".

This, in short, is another misleading headline Rappler uses to put a partisan slant to their story. The comparison is textbook apples-to-oranges fallacy -- making a cross-evaluation between two elements from different sets.

For that matter, more informative insight could have been had if there was an objective evaluation of the proportion of Filipinos who cheered, reeled in disgust, or simply did not care.

"Some netizens" in this case may as well have been "some Netizens who agree with Rappler's point of view". In fact, that's all it really was.


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