When Yellowtards say democracy is "dead" AGAIN, don't believe them!

It has become such an overused slogan. "Democracy is dead". It's a shrill cry that comes from the Opposition (who, presumably, continue to be led by the Yellowtards) whenever they suffer a setback. It's as if they are saying that democracy lives solely for the purpose of Yellowtard wellbeing.

What flies over the pointed heads of the Yellowtards is the simple fact that due process is working. It's just not working for them and their insidious agendas.

These Yellowtards probably haven't read the ancient Aesop fable of the Boy Who Cried Wolf. According to this fable, a shepherd boy who kept shrieking that a wolf was attacking his flock eventually stopped being believed by the villagers who erstwhile had been coming to his aid. When a wolf actually did come to visit, his shrieks fell on deaf ears and he was eaten up along with his sheep.

If we are to believe the Yellowtards as they once again set off to kick up an all-too-familiar Cry Wolf campaign about how democracy is really dead this time, Philippine democracy would have already used up more than nine lives and now beats the trusty cat.

The idea that democracy "dies" when any one of the Yellowtards' idols are setback is a big lie that the Yellowtards have been telling Filipinos for the last several decades. The Yellowtards do not own democracy. It's time Filipinos take back their democracy from the Yellowtards and put them in their proper place, in history's dustbin.


  1. The obvious response to the "democracy is dead" or whatever variation thereof is that the people just had elections. Their leaders were elected. How is democracy dead if you still have elections?


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