Bongbong buried his father while Noynoy FAILED to solve his father's murder

What does that say about the two men? It shows that against the odds, without the benefit of executive power, and against the tide of public opinion, former Senator Bongbong Marcos achieved an end. Compare this to former President Benigno Simeon "BS" Aquino who, despite being the Philippines' most powerful man for six years, failed to conclusively solve the murder of his own father who was vastly more revered than Marcos. If Aquino or, for that matter, the broader community of Yellowtards could not bring closure to the enduring mystery of who really killed their top "hero", the late former Senator Benigno Aquino Jr, how could one even expect the Yellowtards to achieve bigger things that require formidable political resolve?

To get things done in the Philippines requires political will and savvy. Though symbolic in nature, the burial of Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani demonstrates the political savvy of the Marcos clan and its allies. Call their methods what you will, "evil" even, but they delivered measureable results and built political capital in the process. The fact is, ultimately it is results and poltical points that matter, not the quaint morality homilies of those who presume to assume the arbitrary role of Philippine politics' "good guys".

Aquino failing to solve his own father's murder is a reminder that his clan and the community of Yellowtards that surround it are not solutions to the Philippines' problems. Rather, they are a part of it because they remain imprisoned in a dysfunctional status quo and take initiative only within the constraints of what cannot be disturbed within it. That problem manifests itself in the incompatibility of the approach taken by the Opposition with what it really takes to win in the competitive landscape that is the Philippines' democratic politcs. It continues to become even more evident today as they continue their obsolete approaches to getting things done in an environment where being smart yields results and merely posturing like the "good guys" draws no more than a few pained laughs.


  1. Political will, savvy, and patience. The Marcoses did not stand toe-to-toe with the mud-slinging and cheap theatrics of the Aquinos, and their followers. They patiently waited, and acted intelligently, never forcing an issue, but letting the issues run its course. In the end, they did not have to grandstand. It is the people who finally realized their worth, and more. And that worth, is miles ahead of the Aquinos. No mas. They did it with class.


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