Duterte will go down in history as the leader who made Filipinos think and CHALLENGE their society's dysfunctional status quo

Duterte’s place in history, his effect on our economy and security, of course, remains to be seen.

But this early one can safely say (whether he intended it or not is beside the point) that he forced the country to re-examine its values and its rationales, including its heroes.

People are beginning to question myths, demand facts, and demand that all sides of any issue be heard.

People are no longer lazily unquestioning: the heroism or villainy of historical figures are being re-examined, the myths and wrong assumptions we had about our constitutional system and history are being undermined.

More importantly, people are now demanding that words like honor, democracy, rights, sovereignty, due process, morality, hypocrisy, ethics, etc. be explained and defended.

Before, they were treated as mere platitudes, mere oratorical tools onstage. now people ask: are they true, do we really believe in them, do we even know what they really are and mean?

And many of our so-called intellectuals or leaders have been found wanting in that regard.

In short: we have long mouthed the words ‘good’ and ‘bad’ without really understanding what they mean.

And we can’t really believe in and fight for something that we don’t understand.

Yet there are those who are serious about nation building that are quietly taking note, finding the truths and human practical experience behind the words.

Sooner but likely later, we’ll know as a people why good must be done and wrong avoided; that there are indeed such things as good and bad, that they are not interchangeable; and that our choices and actions will have consequences.

Right now, it’s a clumsy and emotional process. more emotion than intellect. But at least it’s a start.

We need a society built on truths and a studied knowledge of our rationale as a people.

Hopefully, improbable as it may seem, we are on our way to doing that.

Jemy Gatdula as posted on Facebook.


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