Archbishop Soc Villegas issues a FAKE definition of "religion"! 😮

Referring again to Archbishop Soc Villegas's letter to the youth of his archdiocese one will find another explanation of the concept of "religion" but written in the same gibberish that Villegas is starting to gain renown for...

Religion is man's natural longing for God. God has placed in our hearts a certain kind of restlessness that can only be cured if we rest in God.

No. Religion is a social institution that applies governance over the manner people worship ans access their god. In the case of the Roman Catholic Church, there is scripture (its core charter) Canon Law, the body of legislation issued by Rome, and the clergy who implement and enforce these rules.

As is evident in the above, the Roman Catholic religion is a governance entity. Worse, it is a governance entity that takes instructions from a foreign government in the application of said governance to Filipino Catholics. It is an instrument of modern imperialism.

Filipinos should exercise caution in the amount of deference they afford the Roman Catholic Church. The Church is no different to Facebook and Google, both of which have been criticised for wielding enough power to arbitrarily influence what people think and believe. If we are told to be wary of the persuasion powers of these social media giants, why is the Church exempt from these warnings?

It's time people apply a critical mind to the Church just as they do to social media sites and the mainstream media. The power to influence is a big responsibilty and the Roman Catholic Church evidently exhibits very little wherewithal to take accountability for this power.


  1. Wow, modern imperialism! Governance from a foreign country? Isn't this bigotry already? What a bout Islam? Iglesia ni Cristo? The other religions and religious denominations? How about the 10 commandments that scripture has and the Roman Catholic Church follows? Your views are highly opinionated, Hoy!

  2. The problem lies within the catholic clergy not the faith. Get your neurons straight! And please refrain from giving people a piece of your mind. You may have nothing left by the end of the day.


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