Kris Aquino: the last winnable Yellowtard

Don't be fooled by Kris Aquino's backpedaling on her previously rabid attack versus Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson. It is likely to be a survival tactic after finding out that she is being given a run for the popularity money by Uson who has so far demonstrated a stable base of supporters compared to the fickle lot who constitute Aquino's fan base.

A recent statement Aquino released shows a sudden conciliatory tone where she seems to suggest that they, instead, settle for a ceasefire and agree that a more "sinister" force is at work inciting these circuses...

Aquino went on to say that she was no longer irate with Uson, who was merely acting like a product endorser, and was therefore not the "mastermind" behind the Duterte-Ninoy kiss comparison. 
"[I]’m sorry nagalit ako sa 'nagtrabaho lang'," she added. "And you weren’t deserving of the hatred from my fans & supporters. Yung nagbabayad sa editors & writers mo ang dapat awayin at halukayin ang nakaraan, gawan ng memes at murahin- not you."

In saying these things, Aquino continues to insult the intelligence of the Filipino, although, to be fair, lots of Filipinos are beholden to her star power thanks to her finely-tuned ability to issue words and wax sentiment that strongly resonate with the masses.

What do the broader Philippine Opposition make of these low-brow circuses? They should, at the very least, watch these stunts closely as they remain directionless as far as coming up with a scalable election winning strategy is concerned. Perhaps it will ultimately come down to the last Aquino standing. Kris Aquino, after all, is the last winnable Yellowtard.


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