A beholdenness to the Roman Catholic Church is what keeps the Philippine Opposition fragmented

Because Roman Catholic dogma is so inconsistent and, well, dogmatic, it makes it really problematic to use Catholic teachings as a foundation for a modern political platform. Yet that does not stop the Philippine Opposition led by the Yellowtards from underpinning their pathetic challenge to the poltical establishment with a baffling close alliance with the Church.

We can see the effects of this stubborn alliance with the Catholic Church in the hopelessly fragmented state of the Philippine Opposition. Their claim to be a liberal, Western-influenced bloc lacks credibility because of the conservatism inherent in this deference to the Catholic clergy. Their liberal advocacies, specifically gender equality and rights for homosexuals, are absolute antitheses to the teachings of the Catholic faith. Yet this does not seem to bother them one bit.

One wonders if the Yellowtards really understand who or what they are up against. Duterte remains a popular and trusted politician and it will require a strong and united Opposition led by a strong and charismatic leader to beat him. The Opposition currently lacks any of that. And that means they're not doing enough to get up to scratch to the level Filipinos deserve.


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