#BabaeAko "activist" @MrsUnlawyer inciting followers to inflict violent acts against Mocha Uson!

It's been long worked out by a lot of Filipinos that the "#BabaeAko" feminist "advocacy" is really just a partisan powow in disguise. Indeed, it was easy to see then and it is even easier to see now seeing how this Twitter Netizen had issued an inflammatory "poll" that gives respondents options limited only to aggressive and abusive acts against Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson to choose from given the hypothetical situation she puts forth of one happening to bump into Uson sometime in the future.

Is this right?

This quaint Twitter stunt would have been simply amusing for its utter lack of class if it weren't apparent that the followers of this character consist mainly of rabid critics of the administration of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

As such, it is not entirely implausible that one of these could actually act on these prompts in real life.

More importantly, this episode highlights just how big a confused lot the Philippine Opposition is thanks to a habitual ill-thought-out mixing of half-baked liberal ideas into their toxic brew of voodoo politics.


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