Chinese TV shows to be shown in the Philippines. Jim Paredes believes it's a sinister plot.

According to Jim Paredes, it's a sign that Filipinos are being prepped for the imagined eventuality of the Philippines becoming a "Chinese province". Yet Paredes fails to realise that back in the 1970s and early 1980s, Chinese TV shows were shown on Philippine television every weekend. There was also the hit Chinese series The Twins which was aired on prime time.

Indeed, the mid- to late-1970s also saw the heyday of Japanese robot and other anime TV shows.

Applying the same brain Jim Paredes applies, one could say the Philippines had been colonised by either the Chinese or the Japanese back then.

But we don't even need to look that far back. Already, Korean music and TV shows compete head to head with local fare today. Is the Philippines also being prepped to be a Korean "province"?

People like Jim Paredes should be put in a looney joint where he can be at liberty to indulge his quaint fantasies. Then again, that's what the echo chamber that is these Yellowtards' Twitter community is, isn't it? A chamber where inbred ideas flourish and where those who conceive these are guaranteed a pat on the back for every lame notion they come up with.


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