Philippine Roman Catholic Church through the @CBCPpnews incites overthrow of Duterte government!

Right here in some sort of call to arms issued by a group of Catholic clergy men led by Archbishop of Lingayen Dagupan Socrates Villegas lies the very reason behind the relentless descent of the Philippine Roman Catholic Church to irrelevance.

The fire-and-brimstone rhetoric is bodaciously biblical. But it no longer has a place in a modern secular society such as that of the Philippines'.

Worse, these men in robes are actually inciting rebellion.

By the rosaries at EDSA 1986, we cast the dictator from his throne. Courage is contagious. Cowardice stinks. Prayer heals. Penance revives the dead.

Even within the above snippet, the rhetoric is shrill and incoherent. There is no specific call to action beyond prayer and tantric religious jihad. Nothing within the framework of Philippine law. It is disturbingly Medieval.

Is this the sort of people Filipinos choose to be led by? Thing is, Catholic priests and bishops are not elected officials. They hold their offices by virtue of the authority of Rome. Essentially, they are vassals of a foreign government. How ironic.


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