That's not the way to kick Sister Patricia Fox out of the Philippines, THIS is the way you do it...

Reporter Ina Reformina reports...
In its ruling granting Sister Fox's appeal, the DOJ says visa forfeiture proceedings have no legal basis; what is provided by the law and BI Rules is visa cancellation proceedings. Thus, BI ordered to commence the correct procedure (visa cancellation) vs Fox.
In short, the Department of Justice is only clarifying; that's not the way to kick Fox out of the Philippines, THIS is the way.

An earlier tweet by the Inquirer stated that the order to deport the Australian activist nun was "reversed" and pictures an ecstatic Fox.

However, following the link to the news report accompanying the tweet reveals information consistent with Reformina's report...
[Justice Secretary Menardo] Guevarra said while the missionary visa is valid, the case against her will be treated as one for visa cancellation, a procedure that is allowed by law.

Evidently, Fox has so far not learned from this experience and reportedly continues to engage in political activism whilst in the Philippines.

"Australian Missionary Sr. Patricia Fox joins church groups and leaders in protest in Plaza Miranda to call for respect for human rights"

In July 2015, then Justice Secretary De Lima signed Operations Order no. SBM-2015-025 banning foreign tourists from engaging in political activities in the Philippines.


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