Spare a thought for Manila's esteros before we sympathise with parasitic SQUATTERS...

Whatever one would say about the Philippines'squatter infestation, the fact of their vast contribution to the already toxic environment of the country's big cities cannot be denied. Squatter colonies are not supported by modern infrastructure. So they essentially lay waste to their surroundings and present a health and safety risk to all decent Filipino taxpayers.

Squatters embody a multilayered cancerous edifice of social injustice to all that is law-abiding and just. They are property thieves and urban blighters. They undermine every effort to modernise and clean up the mess accumulated from years of social dysfunction.

Most disturbing  of all, they symbolise the impoverished thinking that prevents a modern secular ethic of personal accountability that is a badly-needed intellectual foundation for social mobility. As such, squatters, and the politicians who coddle and pander to them present the biggest roadblocks to the advancement of Philippine society.

Enough of this Squatter Mentality already!


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