Bar topnotchers like Kiko Pangilinan and Florin Hilbay are OVERRATED

Many Netizens had already long been pointing out that the epic tantrum being thrown by Yellowtard senators who signed a resolution to challenge the Supreme Court ruling on the now never-had-been-chief-justice Lourdes Sereno is idiotic. It is idiotic because only the Supreme Court can rule on the basis of their sole power to interpret the law. And once the gavel is dropped, whatever is ruled is final.

Not for Kiko Pangilinan though. Despite being a lawyer, Pangilinan failed epically to understand this basic mandate the Supreme Court enjoys. Good thing he was just as epically burnt in an exchange with fellow Senator Ping Lacson who had skillfully forced Pangilinan to contradict himself before the Filipino public and forced to admit that the Senate cannot possibly overrule the Supreme Court on this matter.

Most bizarre of all, a non-lawyer had to point out to Pangilinan the error in his thinking. And, no, rule of law in the Philippines is not broken as fellow attorney-at-idiocy Florin Hilbay claims...

Woke up to a world w a broken Constitution.  
Let's convince the Justices of the SC that they have the power to fix it; that it's more about preserving the Consti & their legacy than anything else. 
 "That's how we're gonna win. Not fighting what we hate, saving what we love."

It's no wonder the Yellowtards aren't getting anywhere. They are led by bozos. This dysfunctional amongst the Yellowtards is bringing down the entire Philippine Opposition.

De LaSalle University academic Antonio Contreras summed it up quite well...

From now on, everytime I am challenged by people because I am not a lawyer, I will only have one retort: "Remember Kiko Pangilinan."

Hats off to Senator Sharon Cuneta folks! Filipinos should think twice about hiring Yellowtard lawyers.


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