Truly spiritual or MERELY religious? Filipinos don't know the difference!

Yellowtards still don't get it. There is no evidence  that President Rodrigo Duterte was criticising God himself. What he was criticising was the "God" fashioned by the Roman Catholic Church.

Filipinos know their "god" only through their Church. As such, they trust their Church to tell them who God really is. But because thinking is in short supply in the Philippines, most Filipinos cannot be bothered to fact check what their Church is telling them.

And this is what, essentially, Duterte is asking Filipinos to apply a bit of brain to. For example...

"You created something perfect and then you think of an event that would tempt and destroy the quality of your work," he continued.
The President, a Catholic, said he finds it preposterous that babies should be born with original sin.

Doesn't this make sense? To answer that simple question one need only to intellectually challenge what the they have been told by the Roman Catholic Church. That's no small task for the intellectually-challenged, unfortunately.

Are you truly spiritual, or merely religious? Get a brain and find out!


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