Activists keep referring to "Team Resistance". But does this "team" even exist?

Recently, the Philippine Opposition has started to refer to itself as "Team Resistance". One wonders though, what exactly is it and what does it stand for? Perhaps, like everything else created by this saddest of Philippine "oppositions" Team Resistance is a mere figment of the imagination of people who imagine that some sort of "fight" is still being fought.

For one thing, one would be hard-pressed to even define what the broader Philippine Opposition stands for. All they have is a common hatred for Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. But there is something to be said about movements fuelled by hatred. It just doesn't sit well in a world where most progressive people aspire to move forward using positive energy.

The Resistance, whatever the hell it is in the context of Philippine politics, does nothing but resist. Resisting is easy. The more important thing to ask, however is this: What does the Philippine Opposition propel?

See, to propel is to move something forward. To resist is to hold something back. It seems the Philippine Opposition hinders but does nothing to push ahead.

This is why the Philippine Opposition continues to fail -- because it is a hindrance rather than an enabler.


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