Here's why TAMBAY youth should be rounded up by the police...

The tambay are symptoms of a lazy and unimaginative society. Worse they are affronts to discipline. There is no excuse for youthful able-bodied people hanging around in a street corner doing nothing.

Kilala sa bayan, asal ay gahaman
Malakas sa inuman, istorbo sa daan
Meron pa kayang pag-asang magbago
Ang taong lumaki sa layaw?

If there is no paid work to be done, there will always be volunteer work to do. Volunteer work allows a young person to acquire skills and experience and provides him or her an ethic of commitment to completing tasks and taking responsibility. Hanging around doing nothing does nothing to or for anyone.

Sobra sa bigat, hindi na mabuhat
Sobra sa tamad, laging hubad
Hindi na n'ya mapigilan ang kanyang mga bisyo
Kaya ang bagsak niya'y sa kalaboso.

It is ironic that the so-called "liberals" of the Philippine Opposition are opposed to rounding up tambays. These are, after all, a partisan clique that believes the state should take over where personal initiative fails. The tambay encapsulates a failure of personal initiative. And this is why the state needs to step in and act on the tambay infestation in Philippine society.

[Inserted passages from Filipino rock star Mike Hanopol's 1977 hit Laki Sa Layaw]


  1. No, I don't agree with this. We certainly don't need a failed government to tell people how to behave and force them to do anything. That would be a very bad government and place to live.

    1. Are you a tambay? A yellow liberal?

  2. Increasing number of tambays is a sign of backward society. It high time to teach them a lesson.


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