Tired of hanging clothes on the sampayan and thinking of buying a clothes drier? Consider this...

We live in Australia and use a dishwasher and washing machine. But we've resisted the temptation to buy a clothes drier. Most households in our neighbourhood are the same, and they manage to balance the time between caring for young kids and hanging their clothes out to dry the old fashioned way. Perhaps this is driven by a greater sense of responsibility over the environment here. Sunshine and dry air is abundant here, even in the winter months. So the natural resources to aid drying clothes are there. We just need to apply the EXTRA work to avail of these in a responsible way (i.e. without burning more fossil fuels which, as we know, any appliance whose primary function it is to generate heat is most notorious for). So perhaps take this as an example from an economy where the cost of acquiring a clothes drier amounts to only 2 weeks' worth of one person's wages. And yet we exercise restraint in the impulse to BUY and CONSUME even if we can afford to.

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  1. Yes, it's quite impressive how many people choose to hang clothes on the line even though a drier is easier. The other aspect that's sometimes forgotten is that the ultra violet light in sunlight is a powerful antiseptic, killing bacteria, viruses and other stuff as well. So clothes lines make both environmental and heath sense.

  2. Indeed. Of course, people who are in the business of marketing this stuff won't let the general public in on these virtues. And that's where the importance of INTELLIGENT consumption is highlighted. Don't believe everything you see or hear on tv. We like telling our kids that. But I see a lot of adults who fall into that very trap.


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