Illegal trade of dog meat in the Philippines cited

"Hundreds of thousands of dogs die each year from heat stroke while being transported with no food or water, stacked on top of each other under false bottoms or in wire cages of vans or mini-buses.

"The dogs are muzzled with rusty tin cans and immobilized by breaking their shoulders and tying their back feet, according to Luis Buenaflor, director for operations of Animal Kingdom.

"'The dogs are still alive when they are transported from the source to the markets, but many of them die along the way,' he said.

"Dogs that survive the 10-hour trip are killed by slitting their throats and hanging them upside down to collect their blood or by being clubbed in the head, Buenaflor added.

The bodies are then blow-torched or burned to remove the fur before they are sliced into pieces in slaughterhouses where blood, intestines and innards mix with rats and insects, adding hygiene concerns to the ethical and legal objections."

Source of the above excerpt here.


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