Why would God be bothered by a penis stuck to an image humans ASSUME to be one that is His likeness?

I fail to understand though why an all-powerful, ominipotent and infinite God would be so concerned about how much or how little he is worshipped — or mocked — by the sentient children of a burst of accidental carbon-based order springing on the surface of a little pale blue dot orbiting a small hydrogen fusion powered ball of energy barely discernible from the edge of one of a billion plus galaxies in what could be an infinite number of universes within a vast multiverse.

[Copy of a comment posted on Get Real Post]


  1. If your a picture of your mother will be mocked, how would you react?

  2. I'm not God, so I'd be bothered.

  3. Yes, God won't bothered at all. I hope Cruz is not been bothered by those lawsuit charges against him.

  4. you're doing a good job benign0. must be a pain to even understand, moreso to reply, to some earthling's stupid view of the world.


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