We can't solve systemic problems with witch hunts

Much of the issues that plague the Philippines are systemic in nature - endemic corruption, ingrained culture of impunity, inherently weak ethic of excellence - the adjectives that qualify these among other issues point to fundamental collective traits that trace their roots to no particular person, no particular political system, and no particular economic situation.

The causes of these issues are complex and multi-faceted. As such traditional approaches to solving problems on a national scale - legislation, executive orders, law enforcement, mass movements, elections, referendums, congressional "inquiries", not to mention witch hunts - simply fail.

Systemic problems cannot be solved by political solutions. We have come to a point where the complexity of our problems have far outstripped the capability of our current mechanisms for addressing social issues to remain on top of these.


  1. you hit the nail in the head, bravo!...its just simply filipinos, or just simply humans. and this is our profile. it seems we are hardwired like this... but don't fret, philippines is young and will change over time. i still believe we will have our time, our own golden age. and strongly believe will go back to a darker age... favor this comment or not, its good to be skeptic. =)


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